DuBose now supporting nuclear and non-nuclear:

In-House Blasting & Painting Services

Customers have relied on DuBose National Energy Services for their material needs since 1977.  With the addition of fabrication services in 2003, DuBose met the challenge, and supported the nuclear industry with turnkey fabrication services.

In October, 2017, DuBose National Energy Services enhanced capabilities to market, with a state of the art, 30,000 square foot blasting and painting facility.

This new facility features:

  • 60’ Long x 22’ Wide x 16’ Tall chambers
  • Shop Blast and Coat Steel
  • Temperature and humidity controlled indoor facility
  • Overhead crane capacity / capability
  • Liquid applied coatings
  • Customized process and software to track quality and inspection points

DuBose NES is supporting various Industrial Coatings and Shop Blast Services for commercial, non-safety applications, as well as safety-related requirements.  When applicable, these services are processed in accordance with our strict quality program and procedures, and adhere to industry standard guidelines.