Safety-Related Unistrut® Metal Framing is 10CFR50 Certified

DuBose National Energy is the largest stocking distributor of nuclear certified Unistrut in the United States.

For over 40 years, Unistrut has been the framing answer for the Nuclear Power Industry . Unistrut Metal Framing products provide structural support for millions of feet of conduit, pipe, and other applications in nearly all power plants throughout the United States.

Unistrut offers the largest array of metal framing products to the industry for safety related and commercial grade quality levels. Unistrut metal framing safety related products are certified to meet the requirements of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B. Unistrut also assumes responsibility for 10 CFR, part 21 as a part of its safety procurement program.

Unistrut Corporation offers the nuclear power industry a unique capability in its engineering quality and design programs. This means cost effective sourcing of metal framing products from the leader in the industry.

Cable Tray products are now available.

DuBose National Energy Services is pleased to announce its selection as a distributor of safety-related, as well as commercial grade, cable tray products and services, offered by Cope, a brand of Allied Tube and Conduit. Previously known as T.J. Cope, the company was founded in 1887, manufacturing cable installation and pulley equipment, introducing their first modular Cable Tray System in 1948. T.J. Cope merged with Allied Tube & Conduit in 2005, and became the ‘Cope’ brand as part of Allied’s Electrical and Support Division.

The comprehensive Cope Cable Management System, consisting of various designs of cable tray, fittings, hardware and supports, complements the Unistrut Metal Framing products that DuBose has been successfully distributing since 2011. Cope products are produced in accordance with the standards of NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) as well as the CSA (Canadian Standards Association.)

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According to most accounts, Walt Disney met Unistrut‘s founder, Charles Attwood, on a commercial airline flight. After exchanging greetings and sharing information on their businesses, Walt began sketching the Mr. Strut logo on a cocktail napkin. This random meeting gave birth to more than just an iconic logo.  By flight’s end, the two men made future plans to partner on an animated film titled “The Sky’s the Limit.”